Give Us a Call: (905) 260-4645
Give Us a Call: (905) 260-4645

Belleville Outrigger & Canoe Club

5 November 2013
Time spent: 5 days

The Belleville Outrigger & Canoe Club needed to collect donations to fund the new club in the upcoming years. We donated our services to help out their organization by providing a professional logo and brochure design to help them with reputability. Collecting donations for any organization can be hard and having something that looks substantial will help the volunteers with approaching people at their front door.

We were happy to help such a great organization that helps people be active and part of a team. Let us know if you would like to help support the Belleville Outrigger & Canoe Club.

We are so thankful that Glacier Ridge was able to donate not only his time but the printing of 1000 brochure that will help us introduce the Belleville Outrigger & Canoe Club and gather donations.

Terry, Belleville Outrigger & Canoe Club.